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Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master 

Shamanic Practitioner

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Smoking Cessation

After decades of smoking and repeatedly quitting for varied periods of time, this has got to be the easiest ever! Almost a year now, I am in an environment with smoking nearby, easy access if I want a cigarette, and yet, zero urges! I can't speak highly enough of her process and scripting for hypnosis. Like they say, Just Do It! You'll like the results. 

Aura Photography

I met Shana while part of a podcast in Portland, Oregon. We booked her as a guest as part of our show that night to preview last year's Oregon Ghost Conference. We had her on to do some "Aura photography" which to be honest before this night I'd never heard of, but was intrigued by. Shana came on and was great. She demonstrated to all of us just what aura photography was. She took us through the process step by step, explaining to us what she was doing and how things worked. She went over our individual results with us and explained them and much of them really were dead on. She's incredibly professional, warm and endearing which makes her a great people person. This is key in what she does as she's easy to trust, open up to and she makes it easy to be able to relax and feel comfortable around her. Shana is awesome and I'd highly recommend her. 


I've had the pleasure of both working with Shana professionally, as well as receiving hypnosis and aura photography from her. Shana is such a warm, welcoming and gentle soul, she immediately puts you at ease in any setting. My first hypnosis session immediately resulted in breakthroughs for myself, and I can't even begin to tell you how restful the sleep is after you get a hypnosis session. She is a very real, down to earth person who understands both what it means to be human and how to heal our souls. She uses compassion, relatability and humor interchangeably, weaving together an all encompassing cathartic blanket to rest your weary spirit upon. Change can be manifested effortlessly, wounds can be healed, and growth promoted with Shana's unique abilities in many sacred modalities. I would highly recommend partaking in this creative play with such an excellent guide - Holly Cole, Crystal Seed Tarot