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Find help for:

• Smoking Cessation

• Weight Loss 


• Pain Management

• Phobias

• Sport Performance

• Public Speaking

• Stress

• Anxiety

• Anger Management


• Goal Setting 

• Organization

• Depression

• Grief Processing

• Insomnia

• Bedwetting

• Strokes/Brain Injuries

• Surgery/Dental Prep

• Immune System Boosting

• Age/Past Life Regression

• Addiction

• Self-Esteem/Confidence Boost

• And so much more. . .


Long regarded as an effective adjunct therapy, Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that is widely recognized for promoting healing and/or spiritual growth. Reiki is a versatile and powerful yet gentle modality that delivers exactly what the client needs on an individual basis. Make an appointment and see for yourself why it is so popular in over 800 hospitals throughout the country.

Aura Photos and Readings

Science meets metaphysics with this sophisticated computer system. Simply place your hand on the sensor and the biofeedback collected from your electrodermal activity is translated into graphs and images on the screen in real time. Receive a high-quality photograph and detailed 15-page report all about your aura, chakras, personality and more. 

End-of-Life Doula Services

This service gives you control over your dying process, so that you may experience death as it feels right for you. We will visit once a week, for two hours at a time, meeting at my office, your home or the hospital. This service is offered on a sliding scale. 

I provide services at the end of life that I feel are a missing link in our otherwise comprehensive healthcare system. The end of life is a natural and important time to reflect upon your life, to make final decisions, and to create a legacy for your loved ones and future generations to remember you by. It can sometimes be a difficult task for family and friends to speak in these terms with you. Often, the dying person doesn't want to bring it up for fear of upsetting their family, and the family doesn't want to bring it up for fear of upsetting the dying person. But there is a shift of relief on both sides once the conversation is started, and a unique opportunity to honor this life you have lived, in your own way, has been created. Being clear about your wishes is the first step in having a 'good death.' I have a unique background which allows me to serve you well in this important time in your life.  

I also have the advantage of being able to provide Reiki, hypnosis or guided meditation during our appointments. These modalities are proven to lessen pain, anxiety and depression, and can provide great comfort to you as the end of life unfolds.  

Metaphysical Fairs

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